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Donate to Silver Paws 

At this time Silver Paws is in need of funds to support the following:


Insurance Coverage – Silver Paws provides insurance coverage for each animal handler team.  As a team beginning the final stage of becoming a therapy animal team, Silver Paws not only provides support, but insurance coverage as the team works towards the final goal of being a registered team.


Therapy Animal Vests and Scarves - The process of coming a animal therapy team can be lengthy and costly.  Silver Paws strives to assist with the final stages of becoming a team whenever possible.  Your donation will help Silver Paws to provide the teams with a team vest and scarf for visits.  These vests recognize a team's accomplishments and dedication to becoming a therapy animal team and is the final things they receive when they become a registered team.


Volunteer Education - Silver Paws not only provides programs to the East Texas area in the form of animal-assisted activity and therapy programs, but we also provide educational opportunities to our teams.  Your funds will help with the development and improvement of beneficial educational opportunities for each team.


Client Facility Location Education – Silver Paws strives to provide education for all, this includes the facilities where our teams visit.  Your donation will assist Silver Paws in providing important education to facility staff in order to maintain the highest possible safety and quality for all involved in providing our services.


Silver Paws Facility – Silver Paws' facility serves as the location for team meetings, place for educational opportunities to take place, team evaluations, volunteer appreciation events, and a location for staff and volunteers to work together on continuing the mission of Silver Paws.  

Donations to Silver Paws' programs are tax deductible

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