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Silver Paws Programs

Silver Paws' group of specially trained and certified therapy animal teams work together with local facilities and non-profits to provide a safe, professional, and high quality therapy animal interaction for the benefit of individuals of all ages.


Our teams can be found in many different locations, such as Christus Good Shepherd Medical Center, Everest Rehabilitation Hospital, Ware Elementary, Spring Hill Primary School, Boys and Girls Club of the Piney Woods, Gregg County Courthouse, and much more.

If you would like to join Silver Paws' list of amazing facilities and non-profits where Silver Paws therapy animal teams are present please email Silver Paws at

Animal Assisted Therapy

Silver Paws partners with local hospitals and rehabilitation locations to provide animal-assisted therapy (AAT).  AAT is a goal-oriented, planned, and documented intervention that is directed by a physical, occupational, or speech therapist.


Destress With Silver Paws

Silver Paws provides destress events for schools, universities, and work places.  A four legged therapist is sometimes the best kind of stress relief as they lift spirits, decrease anxiety, and increase positivity.



Silver Paws partners with local hospice agencies to provide animal visitations to hospice patients.  Visitation between patients and animals promotes activity, conversation, increases levels of comfort and emotional connection.  During hospice visits the presence of the animal makes a positive impact on everyone, including caregivers and family members.

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Silver Paws teams work in local schools to provide encouragement and support to individuals working to improve their reading skills.  Therapy animals are nonjudgmental and provide comfort to those who are reluctant or a struggling reader.


Paws in Schools

Silver Paws partners with local schools to provide students with an animal assisted activity visit on a monthly or weekly basis.  These visits focus on encouragement, motivation, increasing self-esteem, decreased test anxiety, and more.


Paws in Assisted Living (PAL)

Many times individuals in specialized care facilities experience loneliness and disconnection.  Silver Paws therapy animals change a potentially monotonous day by lifting spirits, decreasing isolation and depression.

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